Midiya offers hand made carpet from Azerbaijan


Midiya is a company partially owned in Azerbaijan and which sources hand made carpet from Azerbaijan and the ancient lands of Media, formerly Azerbaijan and now in present day Iran, which are made by artesans using time tested traditional methods from natural wool and silk, and offers these throughout the world. We provide a certificate of origin for each carpet or rug (Soumak) so that you know that you have an authentic Azeri hand made article, and that it is not one which was mass produced in another country and presented as being authentic from Azerbaijan, but is not.

The Areas of Azerbaijan where Hand Made Carpet is produced

There are several areas of Azerbaijan which produce hand made carpet, and these are Baku, Quba, Sheki, Shirvan, Tabriz, Qarabah, Genja, and Qazakh. Each area or region has its own traditional manufacture techniques, and its own traditional patterns and colours which are distinct, and the source of a particular piece can be identified from this.

The Colours Traditionally Used in Azeri Hand Made Carpet

There is a palette of colours which are traditionally used in the making of Azeri hand made carpet, which are mainly red, blue, green, yellow and cream. The colour Turqoise is also used in carpets made in the previously Azeri lands now in Iran. Natural dyes are used to make the colours used, and can include such elements as onion in the colour tint yellow, and walnut in the colour tint brown.

The Patterns Used in Traditional Hand Made Carpet and Rugs.

The patterns used in tradional carpet making usually depict simple scenes from every day life, as seen by the artesans themselves when making the carpet, such as a flock of sheep on the hillside, or horses grazing, flowers  and birds. Some of the traditional symbols used have been passed down through the generations from ancient times.

Hand made Woollen Carpet

Hand made woollen carpet is made in the hills of Azerbaijan by artesans who have created these products through the generations. The traditional skills needed to make these carpets are passed down by families to their children and grandchildren, who continue to make these high quality products, which are in wide demand.

Because the carpets are made by hand, using natural materials, they are in relatively scarce supply compared with machine made products which are mass produced using modern machinery and synthetic fabrics.

Sheep are sheared twice per year, in Springtime and Autumn, and the wool sheared in Springtime is softer and lighter than that sheared in the Autumn.

Lambs wool absorbs only natural dyes, whereas sheeps wool can also absorb synthetic colouring. Lambs wool carpets therefore have the same limited colour palette of red, blue, yellow and brown.

Hand made silk carpet

Hand made silk carpet is made in the area of Sheki in Azerbaijan, which is the only area of Azerbaijan which produces silk carpet. Descendants of the same families populate the villages in the hills, and these people use the natural materials in order to make the silk carpet which is distinctive to this area by its design, pattern and colouring.

Density of the Carpet or Soumak

The density of the carpet can vary from low density which is 25 x 25 knots per square decimetre, up to high density 45 x 45 knots per square decimetre. It is possible to even achieve up to 60 x 60 knots per square decimetre, although this is now very rare and the sort of quality which you might find in  Sultan´s Palace. The density of the piece will relate to the price of the item, lower density pieces being of lower value, than higher density pieces. However lower density pieces also appreciate in value as can be seen by some ancient items which are of low density, but still command a high value.


From the above information you will see that you can confidently invest in a Carpet or Soumak from Azerbaijan (Or Iran), because you will receive a certificate of authenticity from Midiya, which identifies the region in which the carpet or Soumak was made and its density. Such pieces are an investment for you and your family and will appreciate in value through the years, as well as providing pleasure when viewed and used day by day.

We invite you to review the available designs, and choose a Carpet or Soumak, which suits your preferences and place an order with us for your chosen piece. Please bear in mind that these are hand made articles and that the delivery time may be around 2 months, but we assure you that your selected article will be well worth the wait.

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