Hand Made Silver Jewellery From Dagestan

Hand Crafted Silver Jewellery

Handmadegoods.org have sourced a range of hand-made silver jewellery, which is traditionally crafted by artesans in the Kabuchi area of Dagestan, in the Caucasus mountains of Russia.

We offer various traditional designs of a range of jewellery such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, which we sell individually or in sets some of which are decorated with inlaid natural stones. 

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The Rich History of the Kubachi Region of Dagestan

The Kubachi Region of Dagestan is world famous as a centre of excellence for hand-made silver jewellery making, a tradition which has perpetuated there for more than a thousand years. Kabuchi is in Dagestan, a Region in the South of Russia, and has long been famed for its expert craftsmen who could produce beautiful and effective swords, armour, jugs, and cooking utensils, goblets, and a wide variety of superb silver jewellery pieces. Centuries ago this area was  already famous amongst Arab buyers who would trade with the craftsmen in the area for beautiful hand-made weapons, chain mail and jewellery. The name Kubachi means ¨The place of chain mail masters¨.

The Artesans in Kubachi

The jewellery is hand-crafted by individual artesans in the town and the surrounding villages, where they apply their skills to earn money to keep their families and to help to support other local activities such as farming. The silver is mined in Russia, and transported to the mountain region where it is then hand crafted and refined by these skilled artesans. The skills of the artesan have been passed down from father to son over many generations, and their secrets are closely guarded.

Trade with the Kubachi area of Dagestan

We are able to offer this traditional hand-made jewellery as part of our  range of hand-made and natural products brought to you from the lands of the Silk Way, as a result of our unique contacts with the artesans in Kubachi. There are many cheaper silver brands on offer from many other sources but none with the same level of craftsmanship and presenting traditional designs, which are unique to that area, and to these artesans.

Such items of jewellery are the future family heirlooms as a result of their special workmanship and unique designs.

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